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Africa & Indian Ocean Islands

African Safari (2nd edition)

Peter & Beverly Pickford

An African safari is arguably one of the most alluring and universally understood dreams of our time. Just the thought of an African safari evokes adventure, a journey through nature’s grandest spectacle, a glimpse of the earth before man. Peter and Beverly Pickford’s African Safari is an exploration of everything the word safari conjures up, […]


Reef Fishes of the Indo-Pacific

Matthias Bergbauer & Manuela Kirchner

The Indo-Pacific region is the dream destination for all SCUBA divers and snorkellers. The coral reefs in this region are bursting with marine life and are home to more animal species than any other diving spot in the world – more than 40 per cent of all coral reef fishes known worldwide. Added to this, […]


Evocative Africa

Gerald Cubitt

Come on a journey with Africa’s finest nature photographer to lands of time-honoured cultural traditions and unspoilt natural wilderness. Here is the ‘real Africa’ – astonishing in its diversity of wildlife, breathtaking in its natural beauty and unforgettable in its bursting floral kingdom. Evocative Africa is a visual journey taking the reader through Gerald Cubitt’s […]


Life Amongst The Thorns: Biodiversity & Conservation of Madagascar’s Spiny Forest

Louise Jasper & Charlie Gardner

Produced in collaboration with WWF Madagascar and Western Indian Ocean Programme Office (MWIOPO), this beautiful book provides a fascinating introduction to one of the world’s great biological treasures, the unique but highly threatened Spiny Forest. Lavishly illustrated with stunning images and including an authoritative, fully referenced text, the book begins by introducing the diverse endemic […]


Underwater Guide to Seychelles

Rowana Walton and Christophe Mason-Parker

The warm tropical waters and coral reefs teeming with fish mean that Seychelles is a hugely popular diving destination. The waters that surround Seychelles are home to over 1,000 species of fish and 300 species of coral. The islands are visited by giant Whale Sharks and manta rays, and are home to the critically endangered […]


Out of Africa

Sylvie Pons

Out of Africa

The splendours of Namibia, unknown Zambia, secret Botswana, fantastic South Africa, fabulous Kenya, majestic Tanzania and the magic of Zimbabwe: this stunningly photographed book reveals the most prestigious safari lodges throughout Africa as well as the wonders of the wildlife that surround them. The lodges, all designed to provide maximum style and comfort, also offer […]