Christophe Mason-Parker, Ryan Daly, Clare Keating, Guy Stevens

Reef Fishes of Seychelles is a photographic identification guide to the reef fishes of Seychelles aimed at divers, snorkelers, scientists, students and general fish enthusiasts.

To date nearly 900 species of fish have been recorded from coral reefs and their associated habitats within Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone. With over 550 species and almost 700 photographs all captured in situ, this book represents the most comprehensive field guide to the reef fishes of Seychelles currently available. The general introduction discusses Seychelles’ geography and coral reefs, followed by the taxonomy, classification and nomenclature of the species, fish diversity in Seychelles, endemic and endangered fishes, and fish anatomy. The species descriptions cover identifying features, size, biology and distribution.

– Christophe Mason-Parker is a passionate conservationist and a photographer who has long had a fascination for the marine world. Having worked on numerous conservation programs from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean, he is now living in the Seychelles where co-founded Sea Turtle Friends Seychelles, an NGO promoting education of the species. He has contributed articles to various newspapers and magazines.
– Dr Ryan Daly is a qualified Scuba diver. Following years of fieldwork, he became Research Director for the Save Our Seas Foundation – D’Arros Research Centre in Seychelles where he initiated the study that lead to this book.
– Clare Keating is a qualified Scuba instructor, who became Program Director of the SOS Foundation – D’Arros Research Centre
– Guy Stevens is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of the Manta Trust, a charity dedicated to the conservation of manta rays, with collaborative projects in over 25 countries.