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Jbp logoJohn Beaufoy Publishing is an independent book publisher based in Oxford, England, which specializes in the fields of natural history, travel, and adventure. Within these categories, we have a strong subsidiary focus on publishing books about the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean: the parts of the world lying between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

Featured Titles

Journey through the Philippines

Nigel Hicks

The sheer size of the Philippines (it has over 7,000 islands) and its amazing diversity, with environments that range from stunning submarine coral reefs to rugged and overly-active volcanoes, with beaches, lakes, rivers and forests in between, plus lively modern cities with heritage Spanish buildings, make it a challenge for the visitor to know where […]


Wild Flowers of the Mediterranean

Peter & Ingrid Schoenfelder

The plant world of the Mediterranean region is remarkable for its great diversity of species and forms. This user-friendly pocket nature guide is organized by colour to help identify over 500 commonly seen flowers, shrubs, trees, grasses and ferns. Detailed descriptions give the common and scientific names as well as the flowering time. They also […]


A Naturalist’s Guide to the Butterflies of Britain & Northern Europe

Ted Benton

This easy-to-use, fully comprehensive identification guide to the 159 butterflies found in Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands and the Baltics is perfect for amateur naturalists. High-quality photographs are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include common and scientific name, wingspan, distribution and habitat. The user-friendly introduction covers living with butterflies, anatomy, behaviour, enemies and friends, […]